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Harmonix has provided some details about the January update for its title that the team is hard at work on, the update will bring more clothing assets for characters, an enhancement to one of the game’s modes and some significant changes to the codebase which will “dramatically improve the integrity and stability of leaderboard scores.” It also involves the leaderboards being wiped next month.

The developer acknowledges that Rock Band 4 shipped with quite a few “gnarly bugs,” adding that it has identified and is fixing potential score exploits that compromise the integrity of leaderboards.

Reiterating that it has to wipe all of the leaderboard scores for all songs, Harmonix explains that it has to do this because it is making improvements that affect “almost every song, instrument and difficulty in the game.”

An adjustment to the code is also being made which will allow Harmonix to address song-specific bugs in the future and also issue targeted leaderboard wipes so that it doesn’t have to repeat this particular practice again, which will certainly go a long way in making players’ lives easier.

It also acknowledges that players won’t like the fact that their hard work to climb on top of the leaderboards will be wiped out but it justifies this by saying that the update ensures that nobody can unseat them from the top spot in the future by using an exploit. That does make sense when you come to think of it.

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