How many times have we seen videos where parents prank their kids with something they really want, only for them to open the box and realize it is either filled with rocks or something entirely different? Many times, right? For the most parts kids will sulk a little, roll their eyes, and forget about it, but not this guy.

According to a recent video uploaded by FPS Gamer, he recounts a time when he was 16 years old and his dad “pranked” him with an Xbox 360 box, and now after 8 years he finally got his “revenge”. FPS Gamer writes, “Upon opening the box I discovered that it did not hold an Xbox, but they keys to my first car, a Honda Civic. I was elated and very grateful for the car, but until I saw it I was still a little disappointed that the box did not hold an Xbox.”

We suppose a car is a much more expensive and useful present so it looks like it worked out for him in the end. Fast forward to today, he and his brothers decided to recreate the moment and reverse the tables on his dad by giving him an Xbox One only to find the box filled with rocks and various wrapped packages.

Inside those package was a key to his car, and in the boot was the actual Xbox One. It was a harmless prank just to get a reaction from his dad, but it looks like both “pranks” worked out in the end for both members of the family. All’s well, ends well, right?

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