It has been quite some time since the last System Shock game was released and fans of the franchise may have found it hard to believe at first that a new iteration will be added to the lineup. Last night a teaser page was spotted on the Twitter feed of OtherSide Entertainment which linked to a countdown clock that still has five days left, however another page confirms that System Shock 3 is indeed in the pipeline.


Nothing else is known about this title apart from its name but nevertheless it’s a very big deal for people who have loved the System Shock franchise and have been anxiously waiting for a new title to arrive. System Shock and System Shock 2 were very well received, and the latter even served as the blueprint for BioShock, a game that’s much more well known.

It was confirmed last month that Night Dive Studios had acquired the rights to this franchise and that it would go through with a full remake of the original System Shock title. However the company also said that it would make sure that the series lives on, and clearly it has tapped OtherSide Entertainment for that purpose.

Fans already have countless questions about the new System Shock title and whether or not any of the previous characters will be returning to the series. All of this will hopefully be revealed by the end of this week when the formal announcement is likely to be made, because that’s really what the clock is counting down to.

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