Image credit - Bendak

Image credit – Bendak

It has long been a fantasy of gamers that Blizzard would or should have created a World of Diablo. The way the game was designed made it seem ripe for an MMORPG, and now it looks like players are getting their wishes granted, or at least to a very limited extent. According to several reports from gamers, it seems that Blizzard has been incorporating some aspects of Diablo 3 to World of Warcraft: Legion.

One of the features of Diablo 3 is the Treasure Goblin. This is a creature that’s hard to kill due to the fact that it keeps running away, but when killed it drops a ton of loot like gold, gems, and sometimes even magical items. As you can see in the image above, it seems that Blizzard has introduced the creature in the alpha build of Legion in which they are calling it a Treasure Demon.

Right now the game is in alpha so we’re not sure what the end goal for the creature is, however it does drop an item called a Sanctuary Coin, but as Kotaku speculates, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Treasure Demon were to eventually be changed to drop loot like gold, gear, Toys, Pets, and other rare treasures. We’re also not sure how often the Treasure Demon will spawn or if this is just an Easter Egg of sorts, but what do you guys think? Is the Treasure Demon something you’d like to see make its way into Legion?

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