Decades ago cigarette companies used to advertise the supposed health benefits of their products, and that was one of the reasons why smoking was so common back then. It’s not like people don’t smoke anymore but now there’s conclusive evidence to show that smoking is actually very harmful to your health and companies that make them have to follow strict rules concerning the sale and advertising of cigarettes. E-cigarettes are often touted as a less harmful alternative but one can’t always predict freak accidents, one such accident has cost a man in Germany some of his teeth after the e-cig he was smoking blew up in his mouth.

The report from Germany reveals that this accident happened in Cologne. The young man is said to have suffered severe wounds after the e-cigarette he was smoking exploded in his mouth. It ended up blowing out some of his teeth as well.

The 20-year old was smoking his e-cig in an e-cigarette shop in the town center and that’s where the accident happened. Police reported earlier this week that the man was likely there to purchase a new battery and an evaporator head for his e-cig.

He is said to have placed the two new parts in his e-cigarette and then inhaled on it to test them. That’s when it exploded, burning and wounding his face, and blowing out several teeth from his mouth. Emergency services were called and the man was immediately taken to the hospital.

The police haven’t officially said what caused the explosion but it appears the parts might have been faulty because news about exploding e-cigarettes isn’t really common.

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