Apple’s 12 inch Macbook is the first notebook by the company that features a USB Type-C port instead of the traditional MagSafe connector that has been a staple on its notebooks for years. Many didn’t quite like the fact that Apple replaced MagSafe with USB Type-C, but now there’s a way to get similar functionality via the BreakSafe Magnetic USB Type-C power cable from Griffin.

MagSafe does wonders to protect the notebooks from damage since it’s very common to trip over a power cable and have the notebook come crashing down, it protects the device against that as the cable is only held in place using magnets, so even when you trip over the cable it doesn’t drag the notebook with it.

It works like a conventional MagSafe cable does. Plug it into the USB Type-C port of the 12 inch MacBook, or any laptop that has the new USB port for that matter, and since it connects using magnets there’s no need to worry about damaging your notebook should you or someone else ever trip on the cable while the notebook is being charged.

The magnetic connector can be left plugged into the device since it’s only about half an inch deep, the cable plugs into this connector, the only downside here is that on devices like the MacBook where there’s only one USB Type-C port, you’ll have to switch it out if you need to attach another accessory compatible with that port.

BreakSafe Magnetic USB Type-C power cable from Griffin will be available for purchase this April for $40.

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