Articles about USB-C

USB-C Standard Update Adds Cryptographic Security
USB Implementers Forum has announced an upgrade for the USB-C standard which would allow for cryptographic security. This built-in security feature will enable any system which uses the updated standard to ascertain whether a USB-C port or cable is authentic right when the connection is made.

Amazon Bans Bad USB Type-C Cables
For the past few months Benson Leung, a Googler, has been reviewing USB Type-C cables easily available for purchase online. He has come across quite a lot of cables that are not fully compliant with the USB Type-C standard, meaning that they’re not safe and could potentially end up harming the device. He now has a big ally in his fight against bad cables, Amazon has updated its prohibited listing […]

First Replacement USB-C Charge Cables Arrive From Apple
It looks like Apple’s replacement program for their faulty USB-C standard cables which arrived with Apple’s 12” Retina MacBook is now well underway. It was just last Friday that Apple announced a replacement program that spans the entire world when it comes to the faulty USB-C charge cables which were manufactured from April to June of 2015, which were then subsequently sold either as a standalone product or alongside the […]

Griffin BreakSafe Brings MagSafe-Like Functionality To The MacBook
Apple’s 12 inch Macbook is the first notebook by the company that features a USB Type-C port instead of the traditional MagSafe connector that has been a staple on its notebooks for years. Many didn’t quite like the fact that Apple replaced MagSafe with USB Type-C, but now there’s a way to get similar functionality via the BreakSafe Magnetic USB Type-C power cable from Griffin.


Googler Testing USB Type-C Adapters To Protect You From Damage
USB Type-C technology has instantly won people over, aside from the speed improvements the fact that there’s really no “correct” way to insert a USB Type-C cable is enough to make most people want to make the switch to a device that offers this technology. I’m all for reversible USB ports, as I’m sure many others are. However if you’re looking to purchase a third-party USB Type-C adapter or cable […]

Apple Will Reportedly Allow USB-C Batteries And Chargers For New MacBook
There has been much talk about the one USB Type C port that Apple has included in its new 12-inch MacBook with Retina Display. The notebook only has this one port which will be used to handle everything from charging to data transfer. Apple has thus been able to make the new notebook slimmer and lighter by removing all of the other ports, even its own MagSafe charging solution, in favor […]