yoga_900s_handson_7With the YOGA 900, Lenovo made sure that it did please the crowd that loved the Yoga Pro 2 because of its excellent mix of size/weight/performance. The Yoga 3 Pro, was extremely thin and light but lacked the speed – which was later brought back with the Lenovo Y900 and the new Y900 Business Edition. The YOGA 900S ($1099+) has been designed to be the lightest 13.3” laptop.

The YOGA S900 weighs 2.2Lbs (999g), which makes it one of the rare ~12” laptops in that weight range. Most computers would have to go down to 11” to reach that level and the only 13.3” that can beat this is Lenovo’s LaVie Z 360 laptop that is freakishly light (it feels like an empty computer when you hold it).

The LaVie Z 360 cannot match the build quality of the YOGA 900S, which has much nicer materials(Carbon Fiber) and chassis rigidity. In effect, you get the light weight of the LaVie Z 360, but the build quality of the YOGA 900.

12” display aside, there’s one caveat: the Z 360 comes with a powerful Core i7 processor while the 900S uses a Core M7, and that could translate into a 100% performance difference for the Core i7. We’ll have to take a closer look at the performance when we get our hands on it.

The question is not how fast it is in absolute terms, but if it’s good enough for Office productivity and standard workloads.

Lenovo still has to reveal the battery capacity and other fine details about the specifications. However, it claims a 10.5 hours of battery life during local video playback – which remain to be verified independently. Nevertheless, with the YOGA 900S, YOGA 900 and YOGA 900 BE (Business Edition), Lenovo has a strong offering in the 13.3” sub-3 Lbs Windows PC Laptop market.

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