Sony has released new figures which show that its console did very well during the holiday season, the company managed to sell over 5.7 million units of the PlayStation 4. Add that to the total sales over the past couple of years and it’s evident that Sony’s console is having a very great time in the market. Sony has confirmed that to date it has sold more than 35 million units of the PlayStation 4.


The company has also confirmed that 60 percent more gamers signed up for a PlayStation Plus membership during the holidays as opposed to the same time last year.

Whenever it provides numbers for the console Sony actually mentions the number of units it has sold to customers and not just shipped to retailers. It has seen confirmed sales of 35 million PlayStation 4 units ever since the console was released about two years ago.

It’s interesting to note that Sony was able to sell 5.7 million units during the holiday season despite the fact that there weren’t a lot of exclusive titles available for the console during that time. There are several exclusives lined up for 2016 however so Sony will ideally not see a big decline in sales in the months to come.

Sony has a press conference scheduled for later today at CES 2016 where it’s definitely going to talk more about the incredible progress the PlayStation 4 has made.

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