sony-sw-bf-bundleIf one were to peer into the crystal ball to see just what the future holds for the world of gaming, perhaps one will see that bundles are the way to go. After all, past track records certainly play a role here, and publisher Electronic Arts has confirmed that it sold around a million of the 13 million copies of Star Wars: Battlefront to retailers in the form of a bundle alongside a PS4 console, now how about that? I suppose this is another reason as to why Sony and Microsoft do seem to be rather big when it comes to bundled games, and those who have yet to jump aboard the console bandwagon would definitely be enticed by a value proposition for both hardware and software.

Apart from bundles, another way that companies are able to rack in more dough would be through the sale of DLC – or downloadable content. This is evident in many games that are out already, including Star Wars Battlefront that has been deemed to be rather light in nature by some gamers. In June last year, the NPD did confirm that 82% of all consoles sold happen to arrive in a bundle, going to show once again that folks cannot resist a particularly good deal when they see one.

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