Google’s first attempt to become a force to be reckoned with in the mobile payments arena was with Google Wallet, its more recent attempt is aimed at making mobile payments simpler and effortless, and now it’s giving people an incentive to try out the payments service. Those who use Android Pay between now and the end of February are going to get free stuff from Google. Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Google is working hard to promote Android Pay in the mobile payments field that’s already pretty crowded, users have options like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, and even though they’re limited to a platform and a company’s devices only respectively, Google needs to make sure that Android Pay remains a choice that people actually consider.

The new promo that it’s running for Android Pay is called Tap 10 and is only available to those who see the promo appear in the Android Pay app. It requires participants to use Android Pay for their payments ten times and that’s when they become eligible to receive free stuff from Google.

Different users will get different things, some are being offered three free songs in the Play Store, others a free Chromecast upon making the required ten payments using Android Pay. It’s not clear why different things are being offered to different users.

There are some terms and conditions that users need to keep in mind. They can’t just make ten small payments to unlock the gift. All transactions have to be at least five minutes apart and have to be made between now and February 29th, 2016.

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