The fastest data transmission rate ever for digital information between a single transmitter and receiver has been achieved by a team of researchers. They were able to send data optically at a blistering data speed of 1.125 terbits per second. That’s most certainly faster than the connection you have at home.

The researchers are based at the University College London and they used multiple signal processing techniques to achieve this ridiculous speed. Dr Robert Maher, the lead researcher, pointed out that this speed is 50,000 times greater than the average speed of a UK broadband connection which is 24 megabits per second.

To further give us all an idea of just how fast this data transmission speed is, Maher said that this data rate will allow the entire Game of Thrones series in HD to be downloaded within one second. That’s mindblowing.

Researchers put together a setup that uses fifteen different channels to transmit the data, each channel has an optical signal of a different wavelength. All channels are separately modulated and then combined into a single signal and that’s what the researchers call the “super channel.”

The entire research study is going to be published in the Scientific Reports journal. Obviously it’s going to be a while since such blistering transmission speeds are available to average folk like you and me. Until then we can only dream about downloading the entire Game of Thrones series in HD in just one second.

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