Snapchat has established itself as a major player in the social networking arena in a very short span of time. Its popularity continues to grow as average users, celebrities and brand all flock to this new platform where all the cool kids are. Given its ephemeral nature, snaps and Snapchat Stories have so far been confined within the mobile apps, but it looks like a major change might be made in the future to unbundle Snapchat Stories from the app.

Snapchat Stories are basically a multitude of snaps stitched together to form a story. It’s a great way to follow up on an event or the daily life of your favorite person.

Users can not view or share snaps via a PC because Snapchat doesn’t provide a way to do that. However, a major change was noticed last night as the Oscars kicked off, Snapchat put the live Story of the prestigious event up on its website.

This meant that anybody with a web browser could access the Oscars 2016 live Story on Snapchat’s website even if they were not registered as a user with Snapchat. The curated Story is still accessible on the website. It could be that this was a one-off event for the biggest night in Hollywood but I certainly won’t be surprised if Snapchat repeats this practice for future events.

It may not immediately allow all users to share their snaps this way but at least, it can enable non-users to access the content associated with a major event. The idea will definitely be to appeal to those non-users and get them to sign up for Snapchat. Looks like a win-win to me.

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