crash bandicoot teaseBack when Sony got into the console business, one of the console’s definitive games that was constantly demoed was Crash Bandicoot. This showed off the console’s potential and some of the games and quality of games that PlayStation gamers could expect from the company, but fast forward to today, Sony has their hands full with other franchises.

However could Sony be planning on bringing Crash Bandicoot back? Maybe a remake of some of its older titles, or maybe a brand new game? While we can’t be sure, it seems that the official PlayStation Middle East social media account has recently teased a picture on their Twitter account, along with the caption that when translated reads, “Most wanted person… Where are you Crash?”

Of course this could mean anything and it’s really anyone’s guess as to whether or not Sony is reviving the franchise. However if they weren’t before, it’s safe to say that there are many gamers out there who are interested in seeing the franchise being given a second life, especially on today’s consoles which we can only imagine will take things to new levels.

Perhaps we could learn more at E3 2016 later this year, although maybe you guys should temper your expectations. Either way last we heard, a couple of years ago Sony did state that they aren’t closing the door on bringing back Crash Bandicoot, so hopefully the recent teasers are a sign that it will be back, some day.

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