meizuIf you have been one of those who are clearly on the lookout for a mini version of the Meizu Pro 5 smartphone, then you would be setting yourself up for a massive disappointment as it looks as though the talked about Meizu Pro 5 Mini handset is no longer a viable project to be realized by the smartphone manufacturer. This particular bit of news did not float through the grapevine, but rather, it was confirmed by Meizu’s founder and CEO Huang Zhang on Weibo.

The question then, is, how come the Meizu Pro 5 mini is not going to be realized? Well, it looks like the earthquake that hit Taiwan not too long ago has affected Meizu’s supply of chipsets in a rather serious manner, with majority of their inventory being damaged. To continue work on the Meizu Pro 5 mini would have translated to a delay in the device’s release which is far beyond the accepted limits, hence it was thought of as best to cut one’s losses early while still possible.

On the bright side, CEO Huang Zhang did mention that Meizu will now shift their focus over to the Meizu Pro 6 flagship device, so at least it is more or less indirectly confirmed that there is a successor to the Pro 5 – whether it will arrive in a special Ubuntu edition like the Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition or not remains to be seen though.

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