legion pre-eventAhead of every World of Warcraft expansion, Blizzard tends to hold a pre-event to usher in the new content. After all it would be odd if players suddenly logged on and found the world has changed, right? At least with pre-events, players who are around will be able to experience the transition and make sense of what is going on.


That being said, if you’re looking forward to the Legion expansion, it seems that a bunch of screenshots detailing the pre-event has surfaced. Basically from what we can tell, it looks like the Burning Legion will be assaulting the world of Azeroth in different locations. Players will have to attempt to stop the assault, and will have to fill up a bar which upon hitting maximum, will begin a new stage.

Once players have completed the entire event and downed the last boss, they will then be given an ilevel 665 item which should help them begin questing in the new zones. So far everything looks to pretty promising and if you liked what Blizzard did with the Warlords of Draenor pre-event, then here’s hoping they do not disappoint with Legion.

In the meantime Legion has yet to receive a firm release date, meaning we have no idea when the pre-event will begin as well as this usually takes place a couple of weeks or a month ahead of release, but gamers who are interested can go ahead and pre-order the game. Gamers who purchase the game will also get a free character level boost to 100, letting them skip all the earlier quests and begin enjoying the new zones right away. In the meantime you can check out the rest of the screenshots here.

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