nasa-hotGlobal warming is a very real issue, that is for sure. Otherwise, the folks over at NASA would not have reported that the month of February saw the surpassing of global temperature records – and not just by a teensy weensy bit, but rather, by a stunning margin. Now as citizens of this one and only earth, this is definitely something which we all need to be concerned with.

The latest NASA report claims that February 2016 has made it to the list of record-breaker months where soaring temperatures are concerned. In fact, it broke the century-old temperature record by going far ahead of the previous mark, with the average surface temperature across the globe being approximately 1.35 degrees Celsius warmer compared to the average global surface temperature in February from 1951 to 1980. The earlier record was set by January 2016, as the average temperature made its way to be 1.15 degree Celsius warmer compared to the long-term average for the month.

Experts Jeff Masters and Bob Henson shared, “This result is a true shocker, and yet another reminder of the incessant long-term rise in global temperature resulting from human-produced greenhouse gases. We are now hurtling at a frightening pace toward the globally agreed maximum of 2C warming over pre-industrial levels.”

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