While the idea of Quantum Break is definitely a very ambitious one, following the game’s time travel-focused plot can be rather challenging. There will certainly be your fair share of questions thrown out, as you (and many others) would ask as to who Paul Serene is, and why would Jack Joyce make attempts to stop him?

Of course, all of the answers will not be so forthcoming at the moment, which is why you would need to purchase the game – and at the same time, make sure that you either have a very fast Internet connection at home, or to keep at least 75GB of hard drive space free to install the numerous TV episodes.

The developer, however, would like to hang yet another teaser in front of you through the trailer that you can view above, where it showcases the live action side of the title which will assist in showcasing just who the villains are, including the plots hatched by a certain Serene (starring Aidan Gillen of Game of Thrones fame), his right-hand man Martin Hatch (Lance Reddick in Fringe) and Monarch Corporation.

Do bear in mind that as engaging as it might be, the actual gameplay would be the meat of Quantum Break, so to speak, so it would be interesting to see whether this video game/TV episodic series mash up will work in the long run.

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