phone-food-water-testerMost of us would find our smartphones to be a truly indispensable part of our everyday lives, as we make use of it to keep in touch with the rest of the world through speech and text. Well, others might find this particular smartphone cover to be a real life saver, as it is capable of not only being a communications device protector, but also a water tester with the ability to treat food, now how about that for progress?

A brilliant 24-year-old food scientist who hails from the University of Copenhagen has managed to come up with a prototype device that might just save millions of lives down the road. Bhaskar Mitra said, “I like doing crazy stuff”, and in this particular attempt, the smartphone cover has the ability to test water as well as test and treat contaminated liquid food.

Hailing from the Indian state of West Bengal, his prototype took more than a year to tinker with, starting off as a piece of cardboard, and yet sporting a UV lamp and a blue filter to keep the lens covered. The premise of this idea is so simple, where you scan your food with the smartphone’s camera, and then an app from Mitra will show off anything that should not be there when viewed in near-darkness and under blue light, followed by taking steps to utilize the UV lamp in order to zap any bacteria.

Mitra shared, “The tech was already there. I wanted to create a link between a tangible and intangible product, and use this power to throw the magic around.” This is certainly a step in the right direction, packaging what has already been done in a smaller form factor and a more convenient method.

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