amazon_prime_monthlyIf there was ever a barrier for entry for customers subscribing to Amazon Prime, it would be the upfront cost of $100 for a year’s worth subscription. Granted the benefits are pretty good and if you use Amazon frequently, it could actually save you money. However if you don’t, then $100 a year does seem a tad steep.

The good news is that Amazon has since introduced a monthly subscription feature for Amazon Prime customers in the US, giving them the opportunity to pay month-to-pay if they’d rather not pay for an entire year. Unsurprisingly the monthly version is more expensive as it will cost $11 a month, versus the $100 a year which works out to about $8.25 a month.

However other than it being more expensive, as you can see in the comparison table above, all the features are the same so in reality there is really no difference. We suppose this might come in handy if you foresee yourself doing some heavy shopping over the course of one or two months, so paying $22 for two months is definitely cheaper than $100 for an entire year.

If you’d like to start your free 30-day trial to see if the service is worth an entire year’s subscription or just a monthly one, then head on over to Amazon’s website for the details.

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