impossible i-1One of the fascinating things about the Polaroid cameras back in the day was that photos could be printed on the spot, versus having to either develop them yourself or send it in to a shop to do it for you. The only downside was that the print quality and size obviously doesn’t match what a proper developer/shop can do, but back then it was considered to be rather novel (and still is today).


Now if you’re a fan of the Polaroid style of cameras, you might be interested to learn that The Impossible Project has recently announced a new camera called the I-1 that they will be launching on the 10th of May. The camera has been shaped to look like a Polaroid camera from back in the day, except that it has gotten a slightly more modern twist.

For starters it will be able to connect to an app via Bluetooth. This allows users to trigger the camera remotely as well as adjust certain aspects of the camera that you couldn’t on a Polaroid, such as its shutter speed, aperture, flash, and more. It is also chargeable via USB meaning that replacing its battery is a thing of the past.

The camera will also be able to print on the spot using type 600 film that the company managed to recreate through a reverse engineering process. If you still have Polaroid film lying around, it seems that those will play nicely too. The I-1 will be priced at $300 making it pretty expensive for a relatively novel device, but if this sounds like a fun accessory to own, then mark the 10th of May down on your calendar.

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