Many of us grew up watching MTV programming back in the day and MTV Cribs certainly used to be among its most popular shows. If you’ve been feeling nostalgic about MTV Cribs recently then you’ll certainly like to know that the network is reviving its infamous Cribs program and for this purpose it has teamed up with an unlikely partner: Snapchat.

Cribs aired from 2000 to 2011. The concept was simple. Bring on the biggest stars and make them give a tour of their house, hence, the title Crib, so that normal people like you and me can see how people live on the other side.

So instead of bringing it back to TV, MTV has decided to revive Cribs as a Snapchat series where stars will provide tours of their mansions and stuff in a series of short, unedited videos. Since it’s a Snapchat series it will be free and viewers won’t need a cable subscription to tune in, just a smartphone and the Snapchat app.

The MTV Cribs Snapchat series is going to be launched in June this year with Austin Mahone and Mac Miller, after their appearance the series will air weekly. No word as yet which stars will be welcoming us into their homes with the new Cribs series.

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