nexus-9-review-7The Nexus 9 is a tablet that was introduced in 2014 and represents the first time in a long time that HTC has made a tablet. However could the tablet be discontinued and could we be getting a new model? It certainly seems that way because according to reports, the Nexus 9 tablet has disappeared from the Google Play Store.

Google’s website still lists the Nexus 9, but if you wanted to buy it from the store, it is no longer listed. Instead users are greeted with other Nexus products that they can choose from. Like we said, this has fueled speculation that the tablet could either have been discontinued and that a successor could be on its way.

Possible worse alternatives is that the tablet has been discontinued and Google has no plans to introduce newer devices. So far Google’s Nexus tablets haven’t exactly been winners, save for the Nexus 7 that seemed to do well during the period in which OEMs believed smaller tablets were the way to go.

However after that, we haven’t really heard anything about Google’s plans for new tablets. In any case Google I/O will be taking place towards the end of May, so maybe we could learn more then. In the meantime there are rumors that HTC could be working with Google on a couple of Nexus handsets for 2016.

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