These days with Blizzard selling character level boosts for World of Warcraft, hitting level 100 is no longer a long and arduous task as it used to be. However sometimes players do enjoy going back to the grind as the earlier levels are pretty fun and do bring back some memories of the game from back in the day.

However Twitch user Rudeism decided to take the even longer and harder route, which is to level to 100 (the current max level) using Dance Dance Revolution pads as his controller. Given that the controllers don’t exactly afford the same level of agility compared to a mouse and keyboard setup, we can imagine how tiring and difficult this must be, but it seems that he has managed to hit 100 through the method all the same.

This is actually not the first time that Rudeism has used non-conventional controllers for games. Previously he had managed to play other titles such as Superhot using similar dance pads, and he has also played through other titles such as Mirror’s Edge using a steering wheel, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with a guitar. In any case if you’re interested in watching Rudeism hit level 100 using just the dance pads, check out his Twitch stream in the video above.

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