xperia-hdrIt was earlier this February that Sony decided to bid adieu to its range of Z smartphones, where it duly replaced the Z line with the new Xperia X, Xperia X Performance, and Xperia XA. Well, it certainly does not look as though Sony is about to stop the ball from rolling, as there seems to be yet another member of the X family that is ready and waiting in the pipeline to be introduced to the masses some time down the road. And the ‘lucky’ handset that is in such a position? It would be the Xperia X Premium.


Whispers on the street have it that the Xperia X Premium is going to continue from where the Xperia Z5 Premium left off in 2015, where this particular smartphone happened to be the first model of its kind that could show off 4K content. Should the Xperia X Premium be the real deal, then chances are the screen and kind of technology it uses be the main difference yet again.

Just what can our eyeballs expect to see? Well, it will most probably sport an HDR display, which would definitely make it a first where the mobile world is concerned. In other words, we are talking about checking out a whopping 1.07 billion colors on such a small screen area, now how about that? Apparently, other specifications for the Xperia X Premium’s display would be a 120Hz refresh rate, 2,000:1 contrast ratio, and what could jolly well be the brightest display panel ever to be placed in a handset. As with all rumors, only time will be able to tell whether it will be realized or not.

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