raspberry-pi-zero-cameraIf you thought that keeping tabs on your home via a security camera system is going to cost a bomb, think again. There are many other creative methods of getting the job done, and the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s introduction of the Raspberry Pi Zero with a built-in camera connector is certainly worth looking into. This is the first major hardware upgrade to the device since it was introduced to the masses last November, and so far, the price of $5 remains which is a good thing for consumers.

It must be said that this particular DIY computing board, in a stroke of serendipity, allows the very same camera connector that the Raspberry Pi Foundation used in its development kits to be shoehorned right into the right segment of the Raspberry Pi Zero. A simple rearrangement of the surface components a wee bit to the left, as well as rotating the activity LEDs, enabled the Raspberry Pi Zero to gain camera support and in the process, be pretty impressive for such a ‘runt’, so to speak.

The CSI connector on the Raspberry Pi Zero happens to be 3.5mm smaller compared to the adapter on the Pi 3, which means there is no way you can hot swap it, so do be aware of that little caveat. Otherwise, feel free to come up with your own home security camera system! [Press Release]

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