The UK-based Raspberry Pi quickly became popular because of its very cheap programmable computer. Over the years the Raspberry Pi has grown even more powerful and yet remained incredibly affordable for people who like to make stuff. Now Raspberry Pi has yet another nifty little programmable computer for us and this one is the cheapest it has ever made, called the Raspberry Pi Zero, this little computer only costs $5.

Raspberry Pi Zero has a processor that’s 40 percent faster than that of the original Pi computer, it even has 512MB of memory, a mini HDMI port as well as a microSD card slot for storage.

The company has also chosen a very unique way of getting its new programmable computer out the door, it’s bundled for free with its MagPi magazine which costs £5.99 in the UK, this is what makes it not only the most cheapest computer ever assembled but also one to be given away for free with a magazine.

The magazine is also going to feature more than 30 pages of articles that are dedicated to this $5 computer and the incredible things that can be made out of it.

Raspberry Pi wants to get as many people into programming as it possibly can by making the initial investment required next to nothing, the Pi Zero will certainly go a long way in furthering that aim.

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