women-emojiAs a picture speaks a thousand words, so too, will an emoji be able to get the message across even if you do not speak the language of the other person. Having said that, we have had some pretty interesting news concerning emojis in the past such as Durex petitioning the Unicode Consortium to include a condom emoji. This time around, Google is said to be proposing emoji that can better represent women in the professional workforce.

Google’s proposal will include 13 new emoji, where they are a combination of either a man or a woman with another emoji, so that the idea of a profession can be conveyed from one person to another. Imagine adding a tractor to a person emoji in order to get a farmer, or perhaps a frying pan to obtain a chef? After all, adding current emoji together could make it more convenient for the Unicode Consortium to add the new options.

Google is looking at including both male and female options for the different professions in its proposal, as the company believes that such emoji will be able to have a positive impact as it depicts how women are important in being a representative sample of professions.

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