Smite, a popular action multiplayer online battle arena, is going to exit beta and launch on PlayStation 4 tomorrow. Those who haven’t heard of Smite before only need to know that they will like this game if they like action, games that are easy to pick up and are tuned for competitive play, games that are better and faster than other MOBAs while also happening to be free.


More than 20 million players have entered the Battleground of the Gods and many more will when this game arrives on the PlayStation 4 tomorrow.

Players can become a God from ancient mythology in this game, like Zeus who is the Greek God of the Sky or Kukulkan, the Mayan Serpent of the Nine Winds. All deities have their unique fighting styles, weapons and “earth-shattering powers” to defeat their enemies.

Smite has already been available in beta on the PlayStation 4 and millions of gamers have tried it so far. Some changes have been made since the beta was released. Smite is now optimized to run at 60 frames per second, new Divine Trophies have been added as well as new Game Modes that include 5v5 Clash and Siege.

New content will be introduced for Smite every two-to-three weeks, so players will often find something new awaiting them in the Battleground of the Gods. Smite launches on the PlayStation 4 tomorrow.

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