vimble[CES Asia 2016] For many of us, we find that our smartphones are more than enough to capture videos and photos pretty well for just about any situation, and would only pull out the DSLR or system camera when the situation calls for more “firepower”, so to speak. Well, photos are all right even with shaky hands, but video – that is another issue altogether. The Vimble is one device that allows you to continue with your handheld movie production in a far more professional manner, without having to break the bank, of course.

Vimble is compatible with iPhones only at the moment, where it is touted to be the best iPhone gimbal stabilizer that makes vibrations impossible. The ergonomic design proved to be extremely comfortable to hold in my hand and there is a combination buton design that provides all-round paraeter adjustment, making it easier to concentrate on shooting video rather than to fiddle with the contros. A single hand is enough to manipulate the Vimble.

It relies on an adaptive 3-axis fusion control algorithm in order to achieve the lowest angular vibration to date for an iPhone gimbal stabilizer. The ViCam app that comes with it will add more flexibility, since it has automatic panorama, face tracking capability, and a night mode. There is no word on pricing just yet, but it will cost less than a thousand dollars.

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