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Bill Gates is best known for co-founding Microsoft and spending years at the company’s helm until it became a software juggernaut. He’s also known for being the richest man in the world, but he puts all that wealth to good use with his philanthropic efforts that are almost always welcomed by everybody across the globe, but Bolivia has been offended by it this time. Gates recently detailed a plan to donate 100,000 chickens to impoverished countries but Bolivia is saying thank you very much, we don’t need your chickens, Mr. Gates.

Bolivia was reportedly one of the impoverished nations that were going to receive this donation by Bill Gates. The country’s leftist government has refused the donation and has called it “offensive.”

César Cocarico, Bolivia’s minister of land and rural development, said that Gates does not know Bolivia’s reality to think that the nation has been living in the middle of the jungle since 500 years ago “not knowing how to produce.”

Gates chicken donation program was announced earlier this month, he has teamed up with Heifer International for this program, a charity that gives away livestock and agricultural training to eradicate poverty. It’s called Coop Dreams. 100,00 chickens will be donated to impoverished countries in sub-Saharan Africa, including Bolivia.

Bolivia’s government points out that it produces nearly 200 million chickens annually with the capacity to export 36 million. Its economy has performed very well in the last decade and is expected to be the best performing economy in South America this year.

No wonder Minister Cocarico advises Gates that he should “inform himself that us Bolivians have a lot of production and do not need any gifted chicks in order to live, we have dignity.”

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