3d pokemon caseHave you played any of basketball games on your smartphone, where basically the net is in front of you and you have to swipe the ball towards it to get it in? If you have, you’ll know that sometimes it can be frustrating to miss a shot and have it go wide when you’re pretty sure that your finger was moving in a straight line.

The same can be said for Pokemon GO where to catch a Pokemon, it will be pretty straightforward but if you miss, you won’t get it. Sure, you could practice until you get it right, but why bother when you can get your hands on this 3D printed case that helps you “aim” better, right?

As you can see in the photos above, this is a case designed for your smartphone that in the middle, there is a path where your finger will be go. The idea is that by blocking out the sides, it ensures that when you throw your Pokeball, it will land dead center. This was created by John Cleaver and he has even posted the files online where if you’re so inclined, you can download tem and 3D print a version for yourself.

Is it cheating? We suppose you could argue that it is, but hey, we’re not judging!

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