Dell first introduced the Alienware gaming PC back in 2012. It managed to package a robust gaming PC in a console-like form factor and created a product that won multiple awards and was loved by many gamers across the globe. Today, it’s saying farewell to the Alienware X51 gaming PC. Dell has officially discounted sales of the Alienware X51.

The company wrote a lengthy blog post as a farewell to this product, one that introduced the Alienware lineup to a whole new group of gamers and proved that big things can indeed come in small packages.

The form factor was one of the reasons why the Alienware X51 was preferred by gamers. It wasn’t as big as a conventional PC and yet offered enough performance to make gameplay a breeze. Now it’s no more, but it does pass on the baton to the Aurora and the Alpha.

Gamers who want to purchase a gaming PC from Dell now have these two options. The Aurora is a mid-tower desktop that offers full-scale power and performance as well as an affordable entry into virtual reality and 4K gaming. It’s available with a range of Intel processors and NVIDIA Pascal graphics starting at $799.99.

Those who want to stick with the ultra-small desktop form factor can get the Alienware Alpha. With Intel processors and NVIDIA GTX 960 graphics, it too promises a robust gaming experience with prices starting at $599.99.

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