meizu-edgeA couple of months ago, a photo made its way online which showed a handset allegedly by Meizu. The handset in question is rumored to be the Meizu Pro 7 but what was interesting was the fact that the photo showed a curved display, similar to what Samsung has done for its Edge series of smartphones.

This has led to speculation that Meizu could be working on something similar. If you’re wondering how true that is, wonder no more as Meizu themselves have confirmed that a curved screen smartphone is something that could be in the cards in the future. This is according to Meizu’s CEO during an interview in China.

However he did not share the details of said phone, such as its specs, design, or when it might arrive. The fact that we caught a glimpse of an alleged curved display handset from Meizu back in May could suggest that the company has been working on this for a while. Either that or the photo was that of an early prototype and that the final product could be something else entirely.

Samsung has had pretty good success with its Edge smartphones, so combine that curved display with Meizu’s affordable prices and we reckon it should do pretty well amongst customers who might not be able to afford a higher-end handset.

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