German personal care brand Nivea, which specializes in skin and body care, has come up with a new ad campaign which involves a drone that looks like a seagull and poops sunscreen on unsuspecting children. The idea is to provide children protection against sunburn because apparently, kids don’t like to wear sunscreen. This is why Nivea came up with this seagull drone that has a rather odd way of dishing out sunscreen.

Nivea has partnered with an advertising agency to create this campaign and get this drone up and running. We can see the seagull drone flying along the coast in the video and dropping sunscreen on children that don’t appear to be wearing any.

This is a rather unorthodox application method for sunscreen, but then again, it’s the unorthodox advertisements that often stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression and that’s clearly what Nivea is trying to do here.

I can’t imagine how parents would feel about a multinational company using drones to drop their products on unsuspecting children which is probably why all of the people in the ad will be in on the joke for this campaign. At least it gets the message across, sunscreen is good for that much-needed protection on a bright and sunny day at the beach.

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