sombra overwatchA couple of months ago, there were rumors that Blizzard had a new Overwatch character in the works called “Sombra”. It was speculated that the character was a sniper and that she was Pharah’s mother. Some of the rumors proved true when Blizzard eventually unveiled Ana who was all of the rumors save for her name.

This meant that “Sombra” could be another potential character, and it seems that Blizzard has been dropping clues here and there. Gamers on Reddit have been digging through a developer update video on Ana, and one user by the name of Colonelcactus discovered that at the end of the video, the screen goes black, there is a beep, followed by static noise.

By getting together and brainstorming, they discovered that the images towards the end of the video could actually be converted into a QR code, which when read by a QR scanner revealed, “¿Estuvo eso facilito? Ahora que tengo su atención, déjenme se las pongo más difícil,” which when translated into English says, “Was that easy? Now that I have your attention, let’s make things more difficult.”

Blizzard has not even bothered to try and deny this as a rep told the folks at Kotaku, “She’s continuing to leave clues for us.” Unfortunately it’s anyone’s guess as to when Sombra will be revealed, but with Comic-Con kicking off this week, perhaps we’ll get more details then.

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