pokemon go plusWhen Pokemon GO was first announced, there was also an accessory that was revealed alongside it called Pokemon GO Plus. The accessory was originally slated for a release towards the end of July, but unfortunately for gamers looking forward to getting their hands on it, it looks like you won’t.


In a tweet by the official Nintendo of America account, they have revealed that the accessory will be launching in September instead of July. We suppose this is really just an additional 2 months, but we guess it is understandable if some gamers are a little disappointed by this piece of news. Unfortunately there has not been any explanation as to why it was delayed, leaving gamers wondering what could be the reason.

In case you’re learning about the accessory for the first time, basically Pokemon GO Plus is this tiny accessory that can be worn by users. It will flash and vibrate when it detects that a Pokemon or a Pokestop is nearby, so instead of having to rely on your phone all the time, this should do the trick.

However recently we’ve seen some non-official alternatives that have been released as smartwatch apps, so those might be worth checking out if you are so inclined.

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