pokemon go warningBack in the day, catching Pokemon basically involved gamers playing on their Game Boy or Nintendo DS consoles where they could stay in the comfort of their own home and battle other Pokemon trainers, explore the land, and capture Pokemon. Now with Pokemon Go, it takes gamers into the real world where they will be able to find Pokemon wherever they go.

It’s a unique idea that really does a great job of leveraging augmented reality tech, but it has also led to problems which forced police in Australia to release a warning to gamers to be careful when playing the game in real life. Now it seems that the game has gotten so big that over in Australia, police have gotten involved in an upcoming Pokemon Go gather.

Basically one gamer decided to organize a Pokemon Go event. However it seems that the game has proven so popular that the amount of people interested in attending the event has risen to 4,000, with 12,000 or so stating their interest. Naturally with such a huge crowd there will be potential danger, the police in Sydney have stated that they will be keeping an eye on the situation.

They even posted a message on Facebook which once again reminds players to be careful. “We know you all love Pokémon Go (It looks like fun) but please be careful. The middle of the road is not a safe place for pedestrians or budding Pokémon trainers.”

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