pokemon-goWhile many of us see Pokemon GO as a game, there are some places in the world that have treated it with skepticism. For example in some Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, they have called the game “un-Islamic”. We’ve also seen how countries like China are wary of the game in that it could reveal the country’s secret military bases.

Now it seems that over in Russia, there are several reports from local news agencies in which they quote a few Russian officials who are claiming that the game is “evil”, and that it could potentially be used as a tool by spies to try and gather information, to the extent that they believe the app was created with the CIA’s involvement.

According to retired major general of the Federal Security Service Aleksander Mikhailov, he told state news agency RIA Novosti, “Imagine that the little beast in question doesn’t appear in some park but at a secret site where a conscript or other soldier takes and photographs it with his camera. It’s recruitment by one’s own personal desire and without any coercion. This is the ideal way for secret services to gather information.”

Franz Klintsevich, a senior Russian security official, was quoted as telling state news agency TASS, “There is a feeling that the devil came through this mechanism and is simply trying to destroy us spiritually from within.” It also has been reported that apparently in response to the game, the government has created its own version of the game that lets users “catch” historical figures around Moscow.

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