xperia-e5-officialSony has in the past put out some great phones, but over the years it has been obvious that the company’s efforts in countries like the US has lessened, and that Sony seems to be concentrating more on its home market of Japan where handsets are usually launched first, followed by a release in the US if at all.

We suppose this was a long time coming but Sony Mobile has officially confirmed that they will be lessening their focus in markets such as India, China, and the US. Apparently this is because Sony expects considerably less growth compared to last year’s estimates (0.3% versus last year’s estimate of 8.1%).

This does not mean that Sony will be exiting these markets. They will continue to operate in these markets, it’s just that maybe when it comes to new handset launches, these markets might not necessarily be Sony Mobile’s first choice, or that they might not spend as much trying to get carrier exclusives or on marketing.

This is kind of a pity as Sony has given us some pretty solid phones in the past, but it is understandable as today’s market seems to shifting towards Chinese OEMs who are known for creating value for money devices.

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