asus 3d printingIf you’re the type that likes to build your own PC, you know there’s a lot of fun in choosing the different parts for your computer, especially if you are on a budget in which you then try to find the best bang for your buck. However since it would be impossible to cater to every single preference, sometimes you might run into a tough decision.

For example one motherboard might have the components you want, but it is more expensive than the other which does not have the components you want. The question then is, do you compromise just to save a few bucks? ASUS wants to make that a thing of the past and just recently the company has announced that they will be offering CAD files in which PC builders can actually 3D print their own customized motherboard components.

However before you get too excited at the prospect of building your own motherboard, basically the 3D printing is more for aesthetic reasons. The idea is that builders will be able to create a customized look for their motherboard, like maybe print certain components in a particular color scheme, or maybe 3D print a company/team logo, and so on.

That being said, there are some functional uses for 3D printing, such as creating fan mounts or GPU stabilizing brackets, but basically don’t expect to be able to craft an entire motherboard through 3D printing. At the end of the day, it sounds like it is in its infancy stages, but it does open up the possibility to a lot more customized PC builds in the future.

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