pokemon go declineWhen Pokemon GO was first launched, it was all anyone could talk about. Sure, it is probably still one of the most popular games on mobile today, but it also looks like the game could be on the decline in terms of daily active users. As you can see in the graph above from Apptopia, it looks like the number of daily active users are starting to see a downwards trend.

Of course by no means is Pokemon GO doomed. It is possible that the surge of popularity at the launch simply that, a surge, and what we are looking at now is the normalizing of the playerbase, which basically “weeds out” players who were simply curious about the game and will give us a more accurate representation of who’s actually playing the game because they like it.

The rate of decline also doesn’t seem going at a very rapid pace either, which is good. However the game can still be considered to be in the stages of infancy where its developer Niantic is looking to deal with some issues players have with the game, and also are looking to introduce new features that will encourage players to keep playing, such as being able to trade Pokemon and to battle each other (outside of a gym setting).

It will be interesting to see how long the Pokemon GO trend will last, but even if it were to fizzle in the next month or two, its impact on our culture as well as augmented reality tech cannot be denied.

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