lg-g5-modules_10With the LG G5, LG introduced their “Friends” ecosystem which is basically a series of modular accessories for the phone. Now with LG making an investment into these modular accessories, one would have expected the recently launched LG V20 to be adopting the modular platform, but oddly enough the LG V20 is as conventional as they come.

So does this mean that LG has officially given up on the modular system? For those who might have spent a bit of money on the LG “Friends” modules, you can rest assured that LG isn’t done with its modular concept just yet. This is according to LG spokesman Ken Hong who reassured customers that LG will be sticking with the modular concept for future LG G-series of devices.

According to Hong, it seems that the LG V20’s development was already well underway when the LG G5 arrived on the scene, which is why the handset was launched the way it is, and that the underwhelming response to the LG G5 convinced LG that they should stay on course with the LG V20’s development the way it is.

It’s interesting that LG is sticking to the modular concept, especially when big hitters like Google have suspended their own plans for modular smartphones, a project that has been in the works for the past 2-3 years, but who knows, maybe LG will have better luck with next year’s LG G6.

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