A couple of months ago, Nintendo unveiled the NES Classic Edition, also known as the Mini-NES since this is essentially a shrunken down version of the classic console. However the device is only aimed outside of Japan, which means that Japan is left without a mini console of their own, or are they?

Nintendo has recently taken the wraps off a mini console designed for the Japanese market in the form of the Mini-Famicom. This console is based on the original Famicom and has been designed that way, and it will also come with 30 games preloaded onto it. However in Japan’s case, the games loaded will be pretty different from the version installed on the Mini-NES.

Chances are the games will also be in Japanese in both audio and text, so unless you speak & read Japanese, there might not be much use for this console, unless you just like to collect things. It will be priced at $60 and will also be released on the same day as the Mini-NES, which is set for the 10th of November.

We should note that just like the Mini-NES, the games on the console are pretty much fixed. If you recall, Nintendo stated that there will not be additional games launched for the Mini-NES, so if you don’t like the games you see on the list, then we guess tough luck, unless someone figures out a way to hack the console.

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