With the launch of the PS4 Pro, Sony will be introducing what is essentially an upgraded version of the PS4, with better hardware under the hood, the console will now be able to support 4K gaming and HDR graphics. Sony has also suggested that the PS4 Pro will preventing gamers from switching over to the PC for their gaming needs.

So the question is, is the PS4 Pro really that good where it will see console gamers stick to console? The folks at Digital Foundry decided to put that to the test by comparing the graphics of Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PS4 Pro versus the PC. Like we said, the PS4 Pro does feature more powerful hardware so it should at the very least look better than the regular PS4.

Indeed that is the case as you can see in the video above, where the PS4 Pro version appears to be a lot smoother and more detailed than its PS4 counterpart. However as noted by Digital Foundry, the PS4 Pro version does look a bit “softer” in the graphics department versus the PC, which has a more polished look to it. Lighting also doesn’t appear to be as good as the PC, with the PC offering up subtle details like lens flare, which might not seem like much but it does add to the overall feel.

Overall it does look like an improvement over the PS4, but it isn’t quite on par with the PC just yet. Then again, a high-end PC definitely costs a lot more than the PS4 Pro which is priced at $400, so we guess for that price it does a pretty good job. In the meantime you can check out the video footage below by IGN if you want a refresher on how the PS4 version compares to the Xbox One and the PC.

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