pokemon goAccording to the stats from back in September, it was found that Pokemon GO’s paying customers are on the decline. For a company that relies pretty much solely on in-app purchases, obviously this is not good news for them. However it seems that despite the decline, its developers are still pulling in some serious revenue.

This is according to a report from Newzoo in which according to them, the game is still managing to earn Niantic a very decent $2 million a day with approximately 700,000 new downloads a day as well. However this is versus the game’s peak in which it was earning Niantic $16 million a day, but we guess $2 million is still a lot of money and are numbers that we’re sure many developers would love to see.

Now like we have pointed out in the past, perhaps the numbers we are seeing now is more reflective of the earning potential of the game. It is possible that due to the hype and craze, many people downloaded the game just to see what all the fuss is about, and many quickly lost interest. So the ones that remain could be considered to be the game’s core player base.

In any case Niantic still has plenty of features that they are working on, such as pet battles and trading, but hopefully until then they’ll be able to maintain the interest of their existing players.

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