deckard-cainBlizzard’s MOBA Heroes of the Storm consists of characters from pretty much every Blizzard game that has ever been released. Of course not every single character is part of the game, but for the most part the key characters are there, such as Diablo, Thrall, Sarah Kerrigan, and so on.

However could Blizzard be considering adding Deckard Cain from the Diablo franchise into the game? It seems that at the very least they are toying with the idea. According to an interview that Polygon did with Heroes of the Storm hero designer Nathan LaMusga during BlizzCon last week, LaMusga appears to be entertaining the idea by asking gamers to send in their pitches.

According to LaMusga, “I love reading hero pitches on our main Heroes of the Storm forums and on Reddit. If you’re a community member reading this right now: Send me your Deckard Cain pitches. Make a Deckard Cain. I’d love to see our community’s pitches on that one.” Of course there’s no guarantee that it will be made a reality, especially since Deckard Cain’s role in Diablo is pretty much him just talking throughout the entire game.

LaMusga adds that Deckard Cain is amongst the top three characters from Blizzard’s games that frequently pops up. The other two includes Kel’Thuzad from the Warcraft universe, and StarCraft’s Arcturus Mengsk.

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