fallout-4-buzzPlans for mods support on the PS4 for games like Fallout 4 were planned earlier this year, but unfortunately there were a series of delays which according to Bethesda, seemed to be Sony’s fault as the company apparently would not budge on allowing mods on their console. The good news is that this changed last month when both companies managed to compromise.

So the question is, when will support for mods be made available? According to a recent tweet by the Fallout Twitter account, it seems that Fallout 4 mods for the PS4 will be released this month. The Twitter account did not provide any specifics in terms of a release, so PS4 gamers will just have to keep an eye out for the update that will include support for mods.

Just in case you missed the previous reports, a compromise had to be reached for Bethesda to bring mods to the PS4 console. For starters one of those compromises is that the mods won’t be as extensive or as huge compared to the ones on PC. This is mainly because modders aren’t allowed to use external assets.

This means that any textures or skins that you plan to use for your mods cannot be uploaded to the PS4. Instead modders will have to work with existing assets that come with the game, so mods that involve crazy high-res textures or weird or funky costumes are pretty much a no-go. We suppose it is limiting but we’ll have to wait and see how they are received in order to get a better idea.

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