Nexus-6P-silver-07Right now in Android, there are quite a few different charging standards so to speak. We have Qualcomm’s Quick Charge, MediaTek’s Pump Express, Oppo’s VOOC, OnePlus Dash Charge, and so on. Basically all these charging standards are meant to offer up faster charging speeds compared to normal.

However Google doesn’t seem to be too thrilled about that and according to Android Police, it has been recently spotted in the Android Compatibility Definition Document that in the future, Google could make it so that OEMs will be forced to adhere to a single standard. As it stands Google says that it is “STRONGLY RECOMMENDED”, but notes that in the future they might make it mandatory.

The CDD reads, “Type-C devices are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to not support proprietary charging methods that modify Vbus voltage beyond default levels, or alter sink/source roles as such may result in interoperability issues with the chargers or devices that support the standard USB Power Delivery methods. While this is called out as “STRONGLY RECOMMENDED”, in future Android versions we might REQUIRE all type-C devices to support full interoperability with standard type-C chargers.”

We’re not sure if or when Google plans on making this a “must”, but these are definitely changes we can expect to see in our phones in the future.

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