clash-royaleClash Royale is one of the more popular games available for mobile at the moment. For the most part the game is pretty repetitive, but we guess that’s one of the features of multiplayer games where the focus is on playing with other players, and not necessarily coming to the conclusion of some long-running story.

However for players of Clash Royale who are getting a bit tired of the game’s repetitive nature, you’ll be pleased to learn that its developers are looking at creating an end game for the title. This is according to a post by a member of the development team on Reddit who revealed that the developers are looking at how to introduce an end game to Clash Royale.

The developers have acknowledged that players getting stuck in the repetitiveness is something that wasn’t done intentionally. They also point out how gamers are progressing through the game faster than they can create content for, but this is something even the folks at Blizzard are having a tough time keeping up with in World of Warcraft, so it isn’t really anything new.

However we guess the good news is that an end game is being worked on, but exactly what it is and how it will play out remains to be seen, so in the meantime players will just have to remain patient and hopefully more details will emerge soon.

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